A Review of The Best Watch Brands!

If you have a passion for watches, then you have come to the right place! It’s not easy to pick a watch, especially with the many choices out there! The saying is, “The watch you wear, is a representation of who you are.” – and I completely agree by that statement! This site will be for the avid watch addict, or the person who just wants to learn about watches. There are many options, choices, and best watch brands on what type of watch to even look for. This is a single resource, a one-stop-shop in search for that perfect tailored watch for you. Either way, I hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, or would like to see something on this site, please contact me here.

A list of Best Sellers with Great Reviews! 

WatchesModelBand WidthWeightMaterialPriceRating
 Casio GW500A-1V G-Shock Atomic Solar WatchCasio GW500A-1V26mm16.01 OuncesStainless Steel$$4.4
Citizen Men's BM8180-03E "Eco-Drive" Canvas Strap WatchCitizen BM8180-03E18mm16.01 OuncesStainless Steel$$4.5
Seiko Men's SGG709 Titanium Case and Bracelet WatchSeiko SGG70920mm8 OuncesTitanium$$4.4
Skagen Men's 809XLTRB Titanium Collection Multifunction Black Mesh Titanium WatchSkagen 809XLTRB20mm5.29 OuncesTitanium$$4.3
Kenneth Cole New York Men's KC1514 Automatic Gunmetal Dial Leather Strap WatchKenneth Cole KC151422mm16.01 OuncesStainless Steel$$4
Michael Kors MK5128 Quartz Rosegold Round Dial Rosegold Band Women's WatchMichael Kors MK512820mm16.01 OuncesStainless Steel$$4.2
Citizen Women's EW9215-01E "Eco-Drive" Stainless Steel and Black Leather WatchCitizen EW9215-01E13mm16.01 OuncesPig skin leather$$4.8
Michael Kors Quartz Goldtone Bracelet Champagne Dial Women's Watch MK5473Michael Kors MK547323mm1 PoundsStainless Steel/Acrylic$$4.4
Michael Kors Women's MK5038 Ritz Tortoise WatchMichael Kors MK503818mm8.78 OuncesPlastic$$4.6
Polar FT60 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Purple)Polar FT6021-24mm8.78 OuncesPolyurethane$$$4.2

As you know, a watch is simply an added accessory, depending on your outfit at that time – for some it’s more. Looking for that watch that will catch people’s attention? Or are you looking for that casual watch that’s simple, yet classy. For women, it’s all about that added matching jewellery. Watches like rose gold watches are a perfect addition, and are always in style. For men, some want to wear a timepiece that can create a positive impression that is long lasting. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the best brand of watch for you.

No matter what type of watch you’re looking for, the journey is exciting to find the best choice. It’s all about considering what you want to look for in a watch. Below are some ideas to consider when thinking of what watch to look for.

Shape of the Watch
One of the first things that you need to do when looking for the best brand of watch is the shape that you want. There are different shapes to choose from a square, oval, and round, which are all known to shapes that are conventional. These shapes are the most commons shapes when it comes to watches that are high-end. There are also some shapes that are also good ideas for outing and a casual day out.

Size of the Watch

Are you the kind of person that likes the bulky, stand-out type size of watch? Or do you like the normal size of watches that actually fit your wrist? Each case is dependant on where you are wear it. I personally have both types – Many different watch brands carry bulky watches, as well as normal sized ones – Nixon is a perfect example of this. If you don’t want to follow what’s in and out of fashion, then great. It’s all about your comfort level, some have that, “wild” personality that can pull off a watch like that. Most people in general, opt for a happy-medium sized watch, which fits more outfits – Are you more on the conservative side? I used to be – not anymore.

Analog or Digital

Depending on your personality, the outfit you wear, and based on your preference – choosing between Analog or Digital, or both can be a tough decision. Typically, in a professional environment, analog watches are often worn. But for people who are more active, such as sports activities, then a digital watch may be more suitable. During my research, I’ve noticed a growth in some of the best watch brands that consist of both analog and digital in the same watch, which it seems consumers prefer both, rather than one or the other. What will you choose?

Color of the Watch

Now, this is where it can get confusing. You have faces of watches that are different color and textures, then you have bands. Bands come in many different ways to further customize your style. There are watches that have easily interchangeable bands, from having yellow one day, to green the next. Then you have bands that are of different material – here are some examples:

  • wood
  • plastic
  • ceramic
  • metal
  • rubber
  • leather

Then, you also have the idea of having thicker, or thinner bands, in different materials. The options are endless! Check out this article for different sized leather band watches. Then you have options of color of dials. Are you okay with the standard black dials? I could list the options out there, but that would probably be tiresome.

Resistance from Water

Some of the best watch brands have a clear understanding that watches often get splashed with water. Some quality builders know that the construction of a watch is important, as proper seals are taken into consideration for those very instances. On the other hand, water sports enthusiasts are usually the ones who are choosing wrist watches with more of a resistance to water. Depending on the intensity of your water ventures, make sure you check the depth that your watch can handle. The golden rule usually states to go one step further in the depth of resistance your watch has. A good example is if you go diving around 10m below water, opt for a 30m resistant watch.

So What Makes a Good Watch?

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when you are looking for a watch for you, and we haven’t touched the surface just yet! Start taking a look at some of the best watch brands on some of the sites I recommend through out my site. I typically purchase my watches through Amazon – A safe, and trusted site that I have never had any issues with. There may be a lot of branded watches in the market but knowing which ones are good is definitely an important step. By doing a little research, you are assuring yourself that what you are getting is something that is worth your money, and something that will last a long time.